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CH-XA Cigarette Auto-sampling Test Station

  The R & D team of OMERICA developed the first successful online auto-sampling test station and successfully put it into practice in the tobacco enterprises.

CH-XAf Filter Rods On-line Sampling&Test System

  According to the requirements of customers to strengthen the quality inspection and quality control in the production process, OMERICA has successfully developed a new type of filter rods online auto-sampling and measuring system, which is installedin the production lines of filter rods in the tobacco industry.

CH-XM Multi-hopper Test Station

  The CH-XM Multi-hopper test station comes with a multi-hopper fully automatic feeding system. It can meetthe needs of the quality inspection department to continuously test samples of different brands in large quantities.

CH-XL Cigarttes/Filter rods Test Station

  OMERICA cigarettes/filter rods test station is highly automated, following the principles of modern industrial manufacture in Europe and the UnitedStates. This machine is module designed and assembled in China. Customers can choose the corresponding test units according to their needs, which is convenient for the expansion of test station measurement unit and system upgrade.

CH-PT Test Station

  CH-PT is a new intelligent comprehensive test station of omerica scientific research team has summarized many years of experience in tobacco product testing. In order to facilitate the use of the workshop site and quality inspection laboratory of tobacco enterprises, which occupies the most advanced position in China.

CH-PE Smart Test Station

  The CH-PE test station is a new smart test station. After many years of tobacco production service, OMERICA developed this equipment for customers to use on site of workshop. It is highly automatic and easy to use.The machine is modular-designed, and very easy for maintenance.

OM-VL Laboratory Test Station

  The OM-VL adopts the traditional automatic feeding hopper for feeding, and carries out a new structural design according to the technical requirements of the new national standard. The equipment has the advantages of low operation noise, high degree of automation, fast measurement speed and convenient use.

CH-HT Test Station

  The CH-HT intelligent hardness Test Station is jointly designed by quality inspection experts of China Tobacco Research Institute and OMERICA scientific research team.

Smart PD/Vent. Tester

  The CH-PV PD and Vent. Tester has an automatic air cleaning function to ensure the consistency of the measurement environment.In order to measure PD, filter ventilation and cigarette paper ventilation at the same time, it is equipped with three precision pressure sensors to reduce possible errors, and the measurement speed is faster.

Smart Size Tester

  The CH-S size tester chooses thehigh-precision laser (KEYENCE 7000 Series) and precision pneumatic slideas the core components. After the samples are transferred to the measurement area, and the laser detects the samples, the centering clamping device is started to ensure that the sample and the circumferential laser head are vertical, and the step motor drives the sample to rotate 360°.

Smart Length Tester

  The CH-L length tester chooses thehigh-precision laser (KEYENCE 7000 Series) and precision pneumatic slideas the core components. The sample centering clamping device is used to ensure that the sample and the length of the laser head measuring grating are parallel, and the step motor drives the sample to rotate 360°.The laser controller collects the length measurement data of2400 times in one second to calculates the average of the length.

Smart Hardness Tester

  The CH-H hardness tester chooses the KEYENCE laser and precision air floating shaft as the core components is an OMERICA's invention patentsystem. It calculates the hardness of the sample by laser measuring the difference of sample diameter before and after the sample be pressed by 300g weight.air floating shaftThe CH-H ensures that 10g preload and then 300g load are applied to the sample without loss.

Pack Seal Property Tester

  The PSP-10 is used to quickly detect the air permeability of the outer seal film of the cigarette case. It is used tomeasure the film sealing performance of cigarette case. Its function is to ensure the packaging quality of the product and avoid the occurrence of quality accidents such as mildew, dehydration and drying of cigarette during the products transportation and storage.

Automatic Slitter

  The CAS-50 can quickly separate cigarette tobacco by fully automatic sample delivery and radial cutting of the cigarette tobacco segment for the sample pretreatment before the test of tobacco moisture and composition analysis in tobacco quality inspection laboratory.

Force Meter Calibration Device

  The FMC-10 is OMERICA's patent invention product, used for calibration and verification of test station, pressure and weight test equipments.It is also applicable to the regular verification and calibration of in-service equipments by the measurement department of the tobacco industry.

Automatic Linear Smoking Machine

  The ASM series linear smoking machine is an automatic smoking equipment specially designed and manufactured for rapid collection and analysis of cigarette smoke indicators in the tobacco industry. It can be customized according to customer needs.

Fully-Automatic WT/PD/FV Sorter

  According to the requirements of ISO4387 and Chinese GB, it is necessary to measure the weight and puffing resistance of cigarette rods, and to select qualified samples before puff analysis, to ensure the consistency of the cigarette smoke testing results and make more effective comparisons with the common experiment.

Automatic Trap Weighing System

  With reference to the opinions and suggestions of customers in the industry, the newly launched AHW025 can automatically weight the capturers before and after puffing, and calculate the mass of the total particulate matter, with high efficiency, simple and safe operation.

Fully-Automatic Soap Bubble Flowmeter

  The innovative design of ABF-120, which automatically generates soap bubbles, automatically lubricates the pipe wall, and is used in conjunction with smoking machines. It is used for rapid detection of the puff volume of smoking machines. It is easy to operate and has high accuracy.

Puffing Curve Tester

  The PPA-11 is used in conjunction with the smoking machine. It is to be connected to the puffing end to perform the smoking operation of the smoking machine. The instrument can automatically measure the dynamic puff volume of the smoking machine and draw a line chart.After the puff progress, the instrument can calculate the puffing time, the time of the highest puffing rate, the maximum puffing rate and the capacity of one single puff.

Fully-Automatic Weight Sorter

  The patented WS21 weight sorter is specially designed for cigarette and filter separation by weight and grading research. It can be used with a smoking machine to select cigarettes in the quality inspection laboratory of the tobacco industry. According to the research needs, the WS21 divides the samples into different weight ranges and carries out classification research according to the setting separation range.

Ws21+ Fully-Automatic WT Sorter (six levels)

  The innovative ws21+ Fully-Automatic WT Sorter(six levels) is specially used for the sorting and classification of the weight of cigarettes and filter rods. It can be divided into six levels at most.   It is suitable for tobacco industry quality inspection laboratories to select cigarettes with supporting smoking machines and to obtain samples with different weight ranges according to the set sorting range for grading research according to the research needs.


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